In the art gallery you will find works that explore the space between how the texts appear in books and scrolls and how they appear in our mind. Experimenting with font, form, context, punctuation, color, images and meaning, the prints interpret ideas, values and thoughts from Jewish texts.

Intentionally breaking boundaries between holy and profane, cutting into the sacred text itself as an act of devotion, the works allow access to these fantastic stories, forging the way for the viewers to interpreter the meanings for themselves without fear and without awe.

The prints challenge the viewer to ask, "What does this mean?" and "What can it mean to me?"

The prints write text in a new way, a way that moves beyond figurative representation of the images in the text.


Kalligraphia 13, San Francisco Public Library
a rare chance to view contemporary calligraphy during Kalligraphia 13. The exhibition will show and highlights a wide range of calligraphic techniques from traditional methods dating back to the Middle Ages to contemporary pen and abstract brushwork.

Picturing the Word: The Visuality of Text
September 16th- December 17th
Doug Adams Gallery at the Bade Museum, Berkeley CA

This exhibition brings together five artists who investigate the relationship between text and image in various faith traditions. Referencing diverse letter forms and types of script, reflecting the ways in which letters and symbols can signify a particular culture, and, in some instances, facilitate the blending of otherwise disparate cultures.


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