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22’’X30’’ Monotype, ink, 24k gold, silver, enamel paint and chin-collé of bible cuttings

The letter shin is found on Tefillin (Phylacteries; both humans and God's are featured in the print) that is worn on the head and arm.

One side of the head Tefillin has a shin with three lines and the other has one that is very unusual, that one has four lines.

There are a few explanations for the four lined shin:

The four-lined shin is the shin of the Tablets of the Ten Commandments.

The four lines represent Gods presence in the world. To visualize this, imagine the three lines of the shin etched into stone. If you focus on the stone that remains around the shin (the negative space) there will be four columns encompassing the three lined shin, thus creating a full (filled) shape.

The four lines stand for the four mothers; Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah.
A mother teaches out of love and compassion. Her lessons commence even before birth and make an everlasting impression upon her children. Contrast this with the instruction of one's father. This begins slightly later in life, and often in an atmosphere of authority and severity.

The mother's education is indelible and represented by the four lined shin that surrounds the three lined shin that represents the formal teaching. The father's education is likened to the letters of the Torah, ink on parchment, knowledge that is acquired which can be erased and changed. But ones compassion, love, appreciation and character cannot.

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