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Yosef, an Amulet
monotype, ink and chin-collé of bible cuttings, 22’’X30’’

According to the Babylonians Talmud (Tractate Brachot 55b), whoever is afraid of the evil eye should stick his right thumb in his left hand and his left thumb in his right hand, proclaiming:

"I, so and so, son of so and so, am of the seed of Joseph, whom the evil eye may not affect."

The gesture (a "fig") - universally used to avert the evil eye by putting it to shame (this original meaning was probably unknown to sages who prescribed it) - took on a Jewish character by the pronouncement of the aggadic sentence that the descendants of Joseph are immune from the evil eye (Brachot 20a).

A fish is also a symbol of protection from the evil eye. Since fish live under water, they are not subject to glances of ill intent. Like Joseph who the Bible tells us is immune to the evil eye, as he was blessed by Jacob in Genesis 49:22 to be "above the eye."

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