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Dezag La (She Became Translucent)
Paper Size 22’’X30’’
Plats Size 17’’X24’’

The story of these prints starts with the enigmatic tale told in the Babylonian Talmud (tractate Ketubot 61b) of a woman approached and seduced by a Roman.

The story is known as "the woman who became transparent" and can be interpreted in many different ways. In my reading this is about a Roman man (intentionally he is not Jewish) who seduces a woman in order to heal her from previous abuse.

There are two prints for this story, one for her and one for the Roman.

"There was once a certain Roman, who said to a certain woman,
Will you marry me?
She said to him, No.
He went and brought pomegranates, split them open and ate before her.
watching him eating in front of her, she swallowed all the saliva that accumulated in her mouth and caused her discomfort.
The Roman continued eating in front of her and did not give her to eat them until she became translucent.
Eventually he said to her,
If I heal you, will you marry me?
The woman said to him, Yes.
He then went and brought other pomegranates,
Split them open and ate them before her
And said to her
"all the saliva that causes you discomfort spit out, spit out"
She continued spitting and spitting
Until a green palm leaf shot out of her and she became healed."

© Igaël Gurin-Malous - Express permission required for use of my artwork in any media.

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