Igaël Gurin-Malous is a print-maker, teacher and calligrapher working in Los Angeles CA.

Grandson of a holocaust survivor, Igaël was born in Belgium and grew up in a Jewish Orthodox community. After spending years in Europe and Israel, he immigrated to San Francisco and recently moved to Los Angeles. His work reflects these different cultures, languages, and symbols.

His interest in ancient texts, and the exploration of taboo, is a driving force for his art.

Drawing inspiration from his teaching of the Talmud, Bible and Art many kinds of texts (ancient, modern, Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic and Christian, as well as philosophy and theology works) he plays with words, letters, shapes and ideas, allowing them to evolve and communicate in a different way. Words and sounds from the Tefila (Prayer), the Talmud, the Midrash, the Bible or Philosophy evoke many ideas and images, but most importantly they ask us questions about ourselves and our world.


BORN 1974 Brussels, Belgium
2005-2011 Teaching Art, Talmud and Bible in SF
2011- Lives and works in Los Angeles, California


2010 Picturing the Word: Doug Adams Gallery at the Bade Museum, Berkeley CA
2009 Diaphanous Symbols , Aurobora Studio San Francisco, CA

Igael Gurin-Malous


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